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Tou Kikuchi
Kikuchi constantly pursues more excellent Sake.
Our Company President, Mr. Tou Kikuchi, has been thinking that he wanted to brew the ideal sake so that someone could never forget the taste when he drinks it by himself. Mr. kikuchi became 'Toji' (Brew Master) of the Sake brewing in 1996. Mr. Kikuchi's motto is bringing up the tradition of Sake, skills and his knowledge of brewing Sake on to the next generation of 'Toji'. He brews Sanzen Sake very carefully through overseeing every step of Brewing processes by himself. His excellent skills in brewing Sake are assured by many awards. He is still looking for the perfect Sake.

[Profile]1971   Graduated from Hiroshima University (Fermentation engineering)
1973   Joined Kikuchi Sake Producing Co., Ltd.
1989   President
1996   Toji(Brew Master)
2002   He first got a Gold Medal of Japan Sake Awards
[Awards]   Japan Sake Awards : Gold Medals
Okayama Prefecture Sake Awards : Champion   (2005,2008,2009,2010,2011)
International Wine Challenge 2012 : Gold Medal
Hiroshima Regional Taxaion Bureau Sake Awards :
  (24prizes, 2005-2013)

Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
Kikuchi is also known as musician and holds concerts.
Our President also is known as a famous amateur musician in Kurashiki. At 5 years old he started to play his violin. Then, he became the conductor of the Chamber Orchestra when he was at Hiroshima University when he was a university student, and he played violin in the Hiroshima City Orchestra.
In 1974, he founded Kurashiki Chamber Orchestra (Currently known as the Kurashiki Orchestra),where he has served as conductor, violinist, violist ever since. In July 2006, he conducted the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra at the Bulgaria Concert Hall, where he received a roar of applause by playing Symphony No.9 composed by Antonin Dvorak. Taking advantage of this unique career, Kikuchi spins Mozart's music in Sakagura during Sake brewing, and holds a Sakagura concert as a violinist or violist every spring.

Sanzen Sakagura Concert 2010

Kurashiki Sanzen Sake
[Address] 1212 Agasaki, Tamashima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Pref,
713-8121, JAPAN

[Tel]+81-86-522-5145 (Sorry,Japanese Only)

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You must not drink Sake if you are younger than 20 years old in Japan, and must follow the rules about alcoholic beverages of your country.