2023.6.8 News
Report: Sanzen in the Philippines
In the last week of May, the Philippine Wine Company, which regularly handles our sake in the Philippines, held “Sake Sessions” and the 6th Managing Director visited Manila.

The event was held in a luxurious setting, where renowned breweries gathered.
Among them, Sanzen and Kiseki no Sake was served to local suppliers and the general public, and we directly felt the response in Manila.

The venue was filled with enthusiasm and customers who were sensitive to high-end, future-oriented products in terms of taste and concept.
On the other hand, sake is still a luxury item for the general consumer segment, which is the largest volume zone.
In the Philippines, where there are many Japanese residents, we, as a manufacturer, will continue to offer and promote sake in the hope that more opportunities will arise for sake to be picked up at local restaurants as well as Japanese restaurants!