The brand name "SANZEN" which means “ a brilliance” was named with hoping for an especially excellent sake among other sake.Our brewery's ideal sake is "a delicious and crisp sake that one won't forget after drinking it just once."We brew sake with the traditional skills of sake brewing and the progressive spirit.As a result, our sake has won a lot of sake awards in Japan and overseas.


Kiseki No Osake

These brand sake are brewed using the Okayama Pref. rice pursuant to the pesticide / fertilizer -free Kimura Natural Cultivation Method which is proposed by Akinori Kimura who is a famous farmer as "Miracle Apple". We hope you enjoy of the natural goodness of this sake. The motto for the making of these products is "fastidiousness for delicious sake production to relay to the future", and we work insatiably to continue to improve in making delicious sake.