2019.6.5 Award history
2 of Kikuchi Brewery’s sake won the prize in “Kura Master” competition in France

This time, our “Sanzen Junmai-Daiginjo Omachi 50migaki” and “Kimurashiki Kiseki no Osake Junmai-ginjo Omachi” won gold medals each in Junmai-Daiginjo division and Junmai division in Kura Master2019, France.
We are glad to that we enterd 2 of these sake and all of them won the prize.
Also, two of prize-winning sake are uses Omachi rice that is rare but an important basis to good sake.

“Kura Master” a Japanse sake competition, was held in France (the appraizal date: May 27, 2019), and one of the most considered point is how to mariage for food. 
We will make an effort to make fine sake, more.  Thank you.
Kura Master 2019 : (for in Japanese and in french)