2024.5.29 News
Sanzen at “Sake Manila” in Philippines
Our director landed in the Philippines for the first time for the big event #sakemanila that moves sake in Manila!
Sake breweries lined up around the flashy venue, and from 16:00 until the event closed at 24:00, the venue was filled with the enthusiasm of Filipino vendors and sake-loving customers from start to finish!
The new “Sakaoto” series, a fresh type of sake that is bottled the same day it is pressed, was also test-marketed at this event.
The freshness and juiciness of the sake was well received by customers and vendors who were looking for a new type of sake!
The number of customers who enjoy sake in this country is still a very small portion of the total market, but this market is full of people who are inquisitive about sake and want to experience Nippon, and we are committed to providing a sake scene that stimulates this “enjoy sake” even more than before!
We are very grateful that our client’s wine/sake store also handles Sanzen/Kiseki no Sake with great care 🙏.
Sake Manila