2019.2.19 Topics
The report for the Ceremony in Brussels and sales in London

The "SAKE selection 2018" by the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles(CMB) awards ceremony was held in Brussels on February 7.
Our Sanzen Daiginjo won the Trophy(the first place) in the Ginjo Category among 81 sake submitted.
The president also is a brewmaster in Kikuchi Sake Brewery and the managing director have attended the ceremony at the city hall in Grand-Place, Brusseles, and then have been invited a sake pairing dinner reception in Japan Ambassador's residence.
Before going to Brussels, we were off to London for sales.
In London, the Japanese restaurants that can taste our Sanzen and Kimurashiki-Kiseki-no-Osake, are increasing.
In this time, we had a time to conduct restaurant's staff training for Sake.
Our brewery strongly hope to that it will be offered sake to customers with correct information and under quality control, like sommeliers do about wines.
By this time biz trip, we felt that we hope to be got familiar with sake not only in Japan but also in the world more.

"Sake Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles" official facbook is here.
The article about the Trophy of Sanzen Daiginjo by SAKE selection 2018 is here.