2020.9.10 Award history
Kiseki no Osake Junmai Daiginjo Omachi “Nippon Banzai”won the Platinum in Kura Master in France!

In this September, our “Kimurashiki Kiseki no Osake Junmai Daiinjo Omachi Nippon Banzai” won Platinum award in Junmai Daiginjo division, in Kura Master 2020, France.

This Sake competition was judged by French, sommeliers, chefs, owners of curves and etc, on August 31 in Paris.

“Kimurashiki Kiseki no Osake” is made from naturally cultivated rice which Akinori Kimura (known as “Miraculous Apple”) proposed to grow using no fertilizer or agricultural chemicals; we hope you enjoy of the natural goodness of this sake. The motto for the making of this product is “Fastidiousness for delicious sake production to relay to the future”, and we work insatiably to continue to improve in making delicious sake.
Thank you.