2020.10.15 Award history
Kiseki no Osake won “TOP OF THE BEST NIHON-SHU” in Feminalise World Wine Competiton in France!

The 14th Feminalise World Wine Competition 2020,” was judged in Paris in June this year.

Sake division has been expanded from this year, and as previously announced, our “Kimurashiki Kiseki no Osake Junmai Ginjo Omachi” has been awarded the gold medal; Junmai Ginjo division.

On September 28, the award ceremony was held in Tokyo, and “TOP OF THE BEST NIHON-SHU” was announced, in which one was selected from all exhibited sake and all award-winning sake.

And that was the sake our Kikuchi Sake Brewing’s put up one “Kimurashiki Kiseki no Osake Junmai Ginjo Omachi”!

This competition is an international contest in which female wine experts from all over the world rigorously judge, and a total of 96 items were exhibited in the sake category. The award rate of “TOP OF THE BEST NIHON-SHU” is 1.0%, which is extremely difficult.

In consideration of the recent situation, the award ceremony had the opportunity to connect the venue and awarded breweries by online, and our president also attended by online. It is a great honor and encouragement for all the female wine experts and enthusiasts around the world to be selected as the Top of the best.

Our “Kimurashiki” sake series has been preferred not only by sake lovers but also by women and beginners. We hope that many customers will enjoy the taste of naturally cultivated rice from Omachi, Okayama Prefecture, which is filled with the blessings of nature.

Thank you.

Report of the award ceremony; in Japanese

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